What Is The Business About?

  • Research, research, research.
  • Your business is to help people moving to your area, by providing local information and
  • destination assistance to them.
  • Researching the local real estate market – purchase or lease - and short listing a selection of suitable properties. Giving an unbiased overview of the current market.
  • Researching education opportunities – making appointments for the families to go to the school, university or education facility to discuss enrolment possibilities.
  • Most of the research is carried out prior to the relocatee's arrival and at times to suit you.
  • Your aim is to help the relocatees settle into their new area as quickly and successfully as possible.
  • To reduce the stress of moving.
  • To have a new employee at his or her desk as quickly as possible, is a big plus for any company.

Who Could My Clients Be?

  • This may include Company Executives and their Families.
  • Students moving to your area from within Australia or overseas.
  • Individuals moving to your area from interstate or overseas.
  • Or people within your area simply needing to 'downsize'.
  • Defence personnel moving (where this applies).

Why Should I Buy These Systems, and Do This Training?

  • Why re-invent the ‘wheel’ which could be very costly!
  • This is a very cost effective way to start and be in control of your own business.
  • You will be benefitting from the experience gained in running a successful Destination Services company where we used and improved upon this model.
  • The systems are easy to understand.
  • The ‘One on One’ Training covers a full day and is held in your area at a date to suit.
  • The systems/templates come in both hard and soft copy.
  • There are check lists to ensure nothing is forgotten.
  • The Training Manual is an easy reference and the principals can be used to train your consultants – should you wish to have consultants do the work for you.
  • This model has been ‘fine- tuned’ to suit today’s fast paced market place.
  • We are a long standing member of The Relocation Network, of Australia.

How Big Can My Business Be?

  • You can choose to operate your business yourself selecting how much work you take on.
  • Or you can oversee the business, and have trained consultants work for you and grow your business as large as you wish.