What Is The Business About?

New World Relocation was a privately owned company specializing in relocating key personnel and their families into Queensland, for companies and businesses. NWR offered outstanding, personal service. Our success was based on our dedication to Research, Research, Research, and excellence in everything we did.

The Management Team

Lynne Goddard

Principal and founder of New World Relocation. " For more than 14 years my team and I helped many hundreds of people to ‘get to know’ their new city and settle in well."

From the Diplomatic Corps in San Francisco, to introducing many hundreds of people to exciting international cities throughout the world for a successful travel show, and instigator of wide-ranging Welcome Programs for new residents, it has been a natural progression for Lynne with her background and expertise in business marketing, to be the founder of a relocation company. Lynne’s focus today is assisting people to start up their own relocation business. Originally from New Zealand, Lynne is a permanent resident of Australia.

How Did We Select Our Team

Our highly efficient and experienced consultants were part of a very knowledgeable team. Our consultants lived throughout Queensland, and were based predominantly in Brisbane, The Gold Coast, The Sunshine Coast and Mackay. They provided a wealth of knowledge of these cities and were a valuable asset to any company relocating key personnel and their families from overseas, interstate or locally. Each consultant received training under our guidelines and policies.

With excellent people and life skills, along with many years of knowing the market in both sales and rentals, our team kept abreast of real estate trends and ensured premium quality for anyone relocating. Each team member had personal experience of being relocated which gave them a full understanding of moving home.